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Create a consent notice for Connected TV

Didomi now allows you to collect consent for Connected TV apps (CTV).

You can create a consent notice for CTV directly on the Didomi console.

  1. Go on your Didomi console.
  2. Click on Consent Notices (1) on the left menu.
  3. Click on + CREATE NOTICE. (2)

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✅ Environment

The first step ENVIRONMENT helps you choose where you wish to deploy your banner.

  1. Enter the name of your consent notice.
  2. Select Television App
  3. When you have multiple TV apps connected to one single API key, you can choose to deploy the banner on all your apps or on a specific one.
  4. This is useful in case you want to customize your banner depending on the design of different apps.
  5. To deploy it on a specific app, click on Custom television app IDs.
  6. Enter the app ID. 
  7. Click on the on the right to add your ID. 
  8. You can add as many IDs as you want.
  9. Click on SAVE & CONTINUE on the bottom right.

✅ Look & Feel

The second step is LOOK & FEEL that enables you to customize the appearance of your banner. 

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  1. You can add the URL of your logo, that will be displayed on the first view of the notice. 
  2. Change the language of your consent notice. 
  3. Choose a default language. The latter will be displayed when the language of the user is not available. 
  4. Select other available languages that will be displayed depending on the browser language of the user. For instance, if you choose to add Spanish, when a user has a browser in Spanish, the banner will be displayed in this language. 
  5. Choose the texts that will be displayed on your consent notice. 
  6. Enter the name of your company. It will appear  on the second page of the consent notice of the user click on Learn more. It will be just above Preferences
  7. Add the link toward the privacy policy.

Didomi is providing a standard text that has been validated by the IAB Europe and that is regularly updated to be TCF compliant. 

When you're using a standard text on the Web, the list of purposes/stacks and special features will be automatically displayed on your notice and won't be hidden. 

If you do not wish to use the standard text from Didomi, you can use a fully customized text by selecting the "Custom Text" option, but you will have to deactivate the TCF integration on your CTV apps. 

  1. Add the text that will appear on a second and third level, once the user has clicked on Learn more
  2. If your change your default texts, you need to translate them in the languages that have been selected.
    It is recommended to add the link toward the Privacy Policy and/or the Cookie charter instead of <privacypolicy> in the Preferences text.
  3. You can come back to the previous steps anytime by clicking on the name of step on the top of your screen.
  4. Click on SAVE & CONTINUE to go to the next step. 

✅ Vendors & Purposes

This step will enable you to add partners present on you app CTV to collect the consent for them. 

  • You can add all IAB vendors, select some of them or none. 
  • Here's the list of the IAB vendors
  • You can then add all non IAB vendors of your CTV.  

We already have a few vendors already available on the console: Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp.

To create a new vendor:
  1. Click on + NEW VENDOR
  2. You have the possibility to fill in more info about this vendor by clicking on Advanced. These are all necessary info that we need to have about a subcontractor. 
  3. You will find the custom ID of your vendor when it will be created. This will be useful to condition its intervention when consent is given. 
  4. You can choose to connect vendors to an IAB purpose. 
If you want, you can link a vendor to a customized purpose. In this case, you can choose the legal basis (consent or legitimate interest):
  1. Create a new purpose on the Didomi console.
  2. Go on the left menu.
  3. Click on Data Manager.
  4.  Click on PURPOSES.
  5.  Cick on + ADD PURPOSE on the top right.
  6. Fill in the name of the purpose. The default language is English, but you can translate it to French by clicking on the English icon on the top left.

    Didomi Compliance Console et 8 pages de plus - Personnel – Microsoft_ Edge 2021-06-23 at 3.20.25 PM
    👉When the purpose has been added, you'll find it back when you create you partner. 
  7. In the IAB TCF Publisher Restrictions section, put set some restrictions on the purposes and the legal bases. Feel free to check out this article to learn more.
  8. Below, you will find the PURPOSES section. For example, when you select ALL IAB VENDORS: the IAB purposes will appear in this section. These will be the ones that will appear in the preferences view of your consent notice. 
  9. Click on SAVE & CONTINUE

✅ Behavior

  • In this step, you can choose the coutnry where your company is located in the Company Country section.

This step enables companies located out of the EU to choose to display a specific banner for users from EU.
If you're a company located in the EU, leave the pre-ticked box Apply GDPR globally as it is.

  • In the Notice buttons section, you can choose if you want to add an option that enables you to refuse consent on the first level of the consent notice. Have a look at this article to learn more. 

  • In Advanced, you are able to recollect consent after a precise date. 
  • You can also choose the amount of days after which you wish to re-display the consent notice to a user when new vendors have been added by you or if new vendors have been added to the IAB framwork. 
    This prevents you from re-displaying the banner everytime there are vendors that are added, which is not user-friendly.


  • The Custom JSON field enables you to add options hat are not available at the moment on our console : the area you want to display the banner, the text/logo alignment, etc.

You can also have a look at our 📰 technical documentation to know more about the panel of options that we provide.  

  • Click on SAVE & CONTINUE.

✅ Integrations

  • On CTV, the only integration available on the console is "IAB Transparency & Consent Framework". This means that we're transmitting the signal of consent to IAB vendors. 

    ✅ Embed

    To set up you're CTV notice, you need to: 

        1. Block all non IAB vendors before publishing your notice: vendors that aren't part of the IAB framework need to be disabled so that they only collect consent once the user agreed. You'll find the developement guide here.
        2. Make sure that users are able to edit their preferences anytime. You'll need to implement a link so that they're able to reopen the Didomi's preferences console from your CTV app.  This link can be in the menu, or the footer of your app, or your privacy policy. Read this 📰 documentation to learn more. 

            Click on SAVE & PUBLISH on top righ.

          1. Set up Didomi's SDK for Android TV or tvOS while following our documentation.