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Create a consent notice for your mobile application

Here are the steps you will have to follow!

  • To begin, go to the Didomi console and click on Consent Notices (1) in the left menu. Then, click on "+ CREATE NOTICE" at the top right of your screen (2).

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1- Environment

Within the Environment section, you will be able to choose where you want to deploy your banner.

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  •  Enter the name of your banner
  •  Choose the "Mobile App" Notice Type.
  •  When you have several mobile applications linked to a single API key, you can choose to deploy the Consent Notice on all your applications or to deploy it only on a specific app.
    This is especially useful if you want to customize the banner according to the design of your different applications.
    To deploy the Consent Notice on a specific application, click on "custom mobile app IDs" and enter the mobile app ID of your application.
    Then click on the "+" on the right to add your application ID.
    You can add as many specific mobile app IDs as you want. 

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  •  Then, click on the "SAVE AND CONTINUE" button at the bottom right of the screen.

2- Look and feel

 The second step "LOOK & FEEL" allows you to customize the appearance of your banner.

  •  You can choose the format of your banner. For the moment, we offer a format at the bottom of the app or a pop-in blocking the access of the site to the user until he has made his choice of consent. Select the format that suits you best. 

Be careful, if one of your vendors is collecting geolocation, you should check the checkbox "Display the preferences pop-in (full list of purposes) to the user instead of a short form notice". In fact, in this case, the consent needs to be specific.  

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  •  Then choose the color (the theme) and the font of your banner.

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  • The first color matches the button and the overall color of your banner.
    The second color matches the color of the links.

Consent Notice (Preview) _ Didomi Compliance Console - Personnel – Microsof.. 2021-05-25 at 12.13.14 PM. & Didomi Compliance Console et 10 pages de plus - Personnel – Microsoft_ Edge

📰 The logo URL is currently not working with mobile applications. You have to follow the setup instructions  in the developer guide.
In fact, you have to add some custom JSON in the "BEHAVIOR "step of the Didomi console field. We'll explain this later in this guide.  

  •  Choose the language of your banner.

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You can choose a default language. It will be displayed as soon as the user's language is not available.

You can also select other languages. They will be displayed according to the user's smartphone language that is detected.
For example if you choose to add Spanish, as soon as a user has the Spanish language enabled in the smartphone the banner will be displayed in Spanish.

We currently have 35 languages available that you can choose from.

  •  Choose the texts that will appear on your banner.
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    Didomi Compliance Console et 8 pages de plus - Personnel – Microsoft_ Edge 2021-06-23 at 11.40.58 AM
    • Enter the name of your company first. It will appear on the second page of the banner if the user clicks on "Learn more". It will be placed just above the text "Preferences".


    Didomi provides a standard text that was validated by the IAB Europe and that is regularly updated to remain in compliance with the framework. You can also use your own approved text. Only the IAB Europe is able to approve texts. To get your text approved, send an email to tcf.compliance@iabeurope.eu with your text and asking the IAB Europe to review and approve the compliance of your notice text with the TCF policies.

    Once the IAB Europe has approved your text, forward the email from the IAB Europe to support@didomi.io.

    If you do not want to use Didomi's approved text and do not want to get your own text approved, you can use a fully custom text and you will have to disable the TCF integration on your mobile app.


    Finally, enter the text that will appear on the banner once the user clicks on "Learn more".
    You can add the link to your Privacy Policy and / or Cookie Policy. Just add the link to your Privacy Policy instead of <privacypolicy> in the text "Preferences".

    If you change the default texts, you have to translate them. 

    • Click "SAVE AND CONTINUE" to go to the next step.

      You can always go back to the previous steps by clicking on the name of the step at the top of your screen:

    3- Vendors and purposes

    • This step allows you to add the partners present on your app to collect the consent for them. Stay on "Consent Notices" (1) and go on the "Vendors & Purposes" (2) section. 

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    You can add all IAB vendors, select some or none.

    Here is a list of all IAB vendors.

    You can then add all other non-IAB partners on your app by clicking on "+ NEW VENDOR".

    • We already have a number of available partners (Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp). To create a new partner, click on the "+ NEW VENDOR" (3) button.

    Screen Recording 2021-06-30 at AM

    Once created, you will have your custom vendor ID, which will be useful to block your vendor's tags before consent is collected. 


    • You can choose to link your custom vendors to an IAB purpose.
    • You also have the option to fill out more information about your custom partner by clicking on "Advanced".
    • This is all the necessary information to have on a data processor according to the GDPR.

    ⚠️ Before switching to the creation of purposes, don't forget to save the vendors set up you've just created: "SAVE & CONTINUE" at the very end of the Vendors & Purposes step of your consent notice.

    • Go to the menu on the left, click on "Data Manager" (first icon), then on "PURPOSES" and finally on "+ ADD PURPOSE" at the top right.

      Didomi Compliance Console et 8 pages de plus - Personnel – Microsoft_ Edge 2021-06-23 at 3.20.25 PM
    • Then enter the name of your purpose. The default language is English, but you can translate it into French by clicking on the "English" icon on the top left.
    • Once your purpose is added, you will find it when you will create your partner in your Consent Notice.
    • Then click on SAVE AND CONTINUE to move to the next step.

    4- Behavior

    If you wanted to add your logo on the mobile consent notice, this is the step where you will have to configure the SDK with a custom JSON.


    In this step, you will be able to choose the country that your company is operating from in the section "Company Country"

    This step also allows companies based outside the EU to choose to display the banner only to users based in the EU.
    If you are an EU-based company, let the "Apply GDPR Globally" box checked.

    In the section "Notice buttons", you can choose whether or not you want to add an option to disagree to consent in the first view of the banner. This article explains this option further. 

    Didomi Compliance Console et 16 pages de plus - Personnel – Microsoft_ Edge 2021-06-29 at 5.37.01 PM

    • In "Advanced", you can choose to recollect consent on a precise date.
    • You can also choose after how many days you want to re-display the banner if you add new vendors, or if new IAB vendors are added to the framework.
      The banner will not be displayed again until the number of days you have set.
    • Here is how to put the logo in the field Custom JSON:

      Screen Recording 2021-06-30 at PM


      • The Custom JSON field allows you to add options that are not available yet in the console such as banner position, text alignment, logo alignment, and so on.
        This is where you'll configure Didomi SDK to display your logo. You will have to add a custom JSON with the name of your logo in the assets of your app bundle to the logourl parameter as shown above.
        📰 You can read our technical documentation in order to learn all the options offered by Didomi.
      • Click on "SAVE AND CONTINUE" to go to the next step.

      5- Integrations

      For mobile consent notice, the IAB Transparency & Consent Framework is the only integration available through the console.
      If you implemented Teemo, you will need to create a specific configuration of the Didomi SDK.

      📰 You will find information in the the developer documentation.

      Congrats! 🎉 Your tag is ready!

      6- Embed 

      On mobile application, you will need to: 

      • Block all non IAB vendors before publishing your app. In fact, Vendors that are not part of the IAB framework need to be blocked in your app to only execute their SDK and collect user personal data after consent is collected.
        📰 You will find more information in the developer documentation.
      • Ensure that your visitors can change their consent preferences at any point in time. You will need to add a link to re-open the Didomi consent preferences pop-in in your mobile app. The link can be in a menu, in the footer of your app or in your privacy policy. 📰 Read our documentation to learn more about this.

      Then you just have to click on the "SAVE & PUBLISH "button on the top right and set up the Didomi SDK as explained in our documentation:

      📰  If you use Flutter for your apps, read our technical documentation on how you can set up the Didomi plugin for your Flutter apps on Android or iOS devices.

      📰  If you use React Native for your apps, read our technical documentation on how you can set up the Didomi plugin for your React Native apps on Android or iOS devices.

      Find a Consent String on Mobile Application

      If you need to find again a consent string on mobile application you have to :

      • Go in NSUserDefaults for iOS.
      • Go in SharedPreferences for Android.

      The key name is IABTCF_TCString.