How to use a language not proposed by Didomi for my banner?

Didomi Console offers you 45 languages for your banner. 

👉 However, there is a workaround to use a language that is not present in the list of 45 languages currently offered. 

Look & Feel step - Notice text 

👉 If you use the IAB TCF integration

  1. Retrieve IAB's standard text from Didomi Console.
  2. Translate the text in the language you want.
  3. Please add a mention regarding the purposes and your vendor(s) in the text.
  4. Submit this text following the process described here, using the English tab.
  5. Contact your Customer Success Manager or your Customer Onboarding Specialist (depending on the stage of your project) to validate your text. Once validated, you will be able to see it in the Look & Feel step in the dropdown menu.
  • Please note that not all elements of your banner are customizable, such as purpose details, some IAB mentions.
  • In this example, the purposes provided by your vendors will remain in English.

👉 If you don’t use the IAB TCF  integration

You can manually fill-in the Custom text field in the English tab.

Look & Feel step - other texts

From the Look & Feel step, you can edit the text displayed after clicking on the Learn more button and the VIEW OUR PARTNERS button of your banner.

You can manually fill-in the following fields in the ENGLISH tab:

  • PREFERENCES - PURPOSES (text on the second view, above the purposes list)
  • PREFERENCES - VENDORS (text on the third view, above the vendors list)

Vendors & Purposes step


Write the names and descriptions  of your categories in the language you want in the English tab.

Read our dedicated support page for more information.

Please note that the purposes will remain in English.

Behavior step

Finally, you can customize the texts of the buttons using Json code in the Behavior step and after clicking on the View our partners button of your notice (Custom json field).

You just need to customize the bold attributes of this example:

    "notice": {
      "content": {
        "deny": {
            "en": "Refuse - customized language"
        "dismiss": {
            "en": "Accept - customized language"
        "learnMore": {
            "en": "Learn more - customized language"
    "preferences": {
        "content": {
            "agreeToAll": {
                "en": "Enable - customized language"
            "disagreeToAll": {
                "en": "Disable - customized language"
             "viewAllPartners": {
               "en": "View our partners - customized language"
             "authorizeVendors": {
               "en": "authorize - customized language"
            "blockVendors": {
               "en": "block - customized language"
             "agree": {
               "en": "agree - customized language"
            "disagree": {
               "en": "disagree - customized language"
             "save": {
               "en": "save - customized language"


If you would like any further information, do not hesitate to contact our support team at