New features and requirements for the TCF 2.1 from the IAB Europe.

Starting January 31st, 2021, the IAB TCF 2.1 will become the new version of the Transparency and Consent Framework.

What's new in the IAB TCF 2.1?

This new version of the IAB TCF allows vendors to disclose the duration and nature of the information stored on users' devices in a standardized way.

In particular, every vendor can now disclose:

  • The maximum duration of cookies created on devices.
  • Whether non-cookie methods of storage or accessing information are used (like local storage, IndexedDB, etc.).
  • The full list of information stored on devices with their identifier, duration, domain, type, and purposes.

Consent notices fully support TCF 2.1 and disclose information for every vendor:


How to prepare for the TCF 2.1?

Consent notices for Web and AMP have been automatically updated to support TCF 2.1. There is nothing to do on your side.

For Mobile (Android and iOS) and Unity, you must update your apps to use the following versions of our SDKs:

  • Android SDK 1.30.0 (or newer)
  • iOS SDK 1.42.0 (or newer)

Updated versions of apps that embed the SDK versions listed above must be published to the app stores.
To ensure full compliance with the TCF, the TCF integration will be automatically disabled for SDK versions prior to the versions listed above at a later date.

🎤 Feel free to check out our webinar about second version of the TCF (TCFv2) moderated by Jawad Stouli (Co-founder and CTO of Didomi), available on Youtube!

Will you provide default categories to group purposes?

Can you explain how legal bases are obtained for non-GVL thirdparty cookies?

Is it mandatory to switch to v2 and what's the latest deadline to switch to v2?

Can we use V2.0 for websites and V1 for AMP?

How about cross domain? Must all sites go to v2 at once?

Do you expect any impact with this "cookieless" initiative?