IAB TCF version 2 - Migration guide - AMP

This guide is provided for testing the TCF version 2 on AMP.

Migrating an AMP consent notice from the IAB TCF version 1 to the version 2 can be done by following these steps:

  • Duplicate your existing banner or create a whole new one.
  • Enable the IAB TCF version 2.
  • Configure your list of vendors and purposes.

We recommend testing these steps in a test environment first and validating your integration with your IAB TCF vendors before switching your production environments to the TCF v2.

Improperly configuring your consent notices in production will result in lost consent and will negatively impact your revenue.

1- How to test the IAB TCF version 2?

We recommend setting up a test consent notice and not modifying your production notice. That will allow you to experiment with the new version of the TCF without risk.

If you need to test the TCF V2, we recommend loading the V2 notice by using its ID.

This way you will be able to use a different notice on your test and keep your old one on your production website.

2- Enable the IAB TCF version 2

Edit your Consent Notice in the Didomi Console and go to the Integrations / IAB Transparency & Consent Framework section to enable the IAB TCF version 2:

Didomi Compliance Console et 14 pages de plus - Personnel – Microsoft_ Edge 2021-06-28 at 10.39.07 AM


Once you publish these changes, the Didomi CMP will start using the TCF version 2 on your banner.

Version 1 and version 2 are not backward-compatible and cannot run in parallel on a given website.

As version 2 includes new purposes and vendors, consent will be automatically re-collected for all your users.
Vendors that are compatible with the TCF v2 will obtain consent information from the Didomi CMP automatically. Vendors that are not compatible with the TCF v2 and that only support the TCF v1 will no longer get consent from the Didomi CMP.

3- Configure your list of vendors and purposes

The TCF v2 has a different list of vendors and purposes so you should double-check your configured vendors to make sure that the vendors you work with are available.

After enabling the TCF v2 for your notice, go to the Vendors & Purposes to configure your vendor list and the purposes.

4- Consent recollection

Due to AMP restrictions, we can't recollect consent on the first page the user is visiting but on the second page. Indeed, we are keeping the v1 consent until the user is visiting a second page to prevent a drop in revenues. Then, he will be asked again for his consent and it will be completely recollected.

What's next?

These simple steps will enable the TCF v2 on your AMP notice. Feel free to make other adjustments as needed. You don't need to change the embed code.

💡 As usual, our support team is available to help on support@didomi.io or via the chat in the Didomi Console.


⚠️ Publisher Restrictions are not available for AMP because Publisher Restrictions lead to consent strings that are too big and cannot be stored by AMP.
The storage limit is 1.2k for AMP.

⚠️ Due to AMP restrictions, it isn't possible to add required purposes.


📑 For more information about the limitations when it comes to the AMP format, please consult our documentation here.