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Recollect consent using a precise date

📆 If you have to recollect consent after a certain date, here is a guide explaining you how to do so.

  1. Choose your consent notice in the console.
  2. Go to the step 1.Regulations - Consent settings
  3. Go to the section Recollect consent after a date.
  4. Enable this option with the toggle.
  5. Select the date when you want consent to be recollected, as shown in the image:  


👉Consent will be automatically recollected for users who had made a choice before the provided date.  This allows you to schedule a consent recollection for a specific date in the future. 

Mobile Application

📰 If you want to use this method with a Mobile application notice, please make sure that your SDK version is, at least :

2- Another recollection method

You can also recollect consent when adding a vendor and/or a purpose.