Steps to implement Didomi

There are three main steps in order to implement and deploy the Didomi consent notice from the console:

1- Create a compliance report

This step allows you to know which vendors are dropping cookies on your website. This information is important in order to add these vendors during the creation of your consent notice and therefore collect user consent for each one of them.

You can read this article to know how to run your report.

You can also view this article that explains how to visualize the results of the compliance report.

Do not hesitate to check out our articles linked to the subject of compliance reports.

2- Create your cookie consent notice in the console

To create your consent notice in the Didomi console, you can go through this article and follow the steps that are mentioned.

3- Block non-IAB vendors

You have to condition the loading of non-IAB vendors' tags to user consent. 

📰 This is the technical documentation for web implementation.

📰 This is the technical documentation for mobile implementation.