Change buttons order - WEB [NEW FLOW]

By default, the "Learn more" button will be displayed before the "Agree" button on the sticky banner. If you use the pop-in banner format, "Learn more" will be displayed after "Agree".

✅ Steps for changing the button order on a web notice:

  • Go to Consent notices
  • Go to step 2. Customization.
  • Click on Advanced settings then Custom JSON.Capture d’écran 2023-03-09 à 11.41.29
  • Add code (see below) in the Custom JSON field. Capture d’écran 2023-03-09 à 11.42.36

✍️ Code to insert 

To change the order you need to set the value at :

  • "before" for pop-in format
  • "after" for sticky banner format

Pop-in format : 

"notice": {
"learnMorePosition": "before"

Sticky banner format : 

"notice": {
"learnMorePosition": "after"


How it should appear in the Console

Pop-in format: 

Sticky banner format: 

📰 Please refer to our developer guide for more information.