Deletion of IAB TCF vendors

Customers who are not using the IAB TCF integration and are still using IAB vendors are not affected by this article. Deleted IAB vendors are still available for use outside of the IAB TCF.

1- Vendor deletion in the IAB TCF

IAB TCF vendors available in the Didomi Console come from the IAB TCF Global Vendor List v3. This list is controlled by the IAB and integrated into the Didomi CMP every week to reflect any updates.

The list of IAB TCF vendors is regularly updated with new vendors joining the IAB TCF framework, as well as any vendors leaving the framework. As part of the IAB TCF policies, vendors that leave the IAB TCF must be removed from notices.

Vendors can be deleted at any time by the IAB. 

2- Vendor deprecation in Didomi

The automated deprecation of the deleted IAB vendors from Global Vendor List v3 will start being enforced on February 13th, 2024.

To remain compliant with the IAB TCF policies, Didomi must deprecate each vendor that is deleted by the IAB. This means that:

  • Deleted IAB vendors are marked as deprecated in Didomi’s database
  • Deprecated IAB TCF vendors are automatically removed from live notices.
  • A custom vendor is created to replace each deprecated vendor. Compared to the deprecated IAB vendor, the new custom vendor will have:
    • the same name and the same metadata,
    • a different API ID;
    • only purposes based on consent legal basis (legitimate interest purposes are transformed into consent when linked to the custom vendor).

This ensures that consent is not collected for deleted IAB TCF vendors and that these vendors are not present in the IAB TCF consent string.

The custom vendor will have a different ID than the IAB vendor.

3- What you need to do: replace a deleted vendor with a custom vendor

When an IAB TCF vendor is deleted, if you are not using the deleted vendor in a notice, no action is required on your side.

When a IAB TCF vendor is deleted, you need to follow these steps ONLY if you are using the IAB TCF integration and you are using the deleted vendor on your website :

  1. Open your notice.
  2. Go to Regulations → GDPR → Edit vendors and purposes.
  3. Search for the IAB vendor using the name: the search result will contain 2 vendors
    1. IAB vendor to be removed: un-select this vendor
    2. Custom vendor to be added: select this vendor and copy its ID
  4. Click save
  5. ⚠️ Before publishing your notice: ensure your code/tag manager is updated to use the new ID of the custom vendor (cf. script conditioning and GTM integration documentation).
  6. Publish your notice.
  7. Re-collection will be triggered following the re-collection window configured for your notice.