Difference between bounce rate and notice bounce rate

Although these two terms are semantically very similar, they are actually different. In this article, we will give you all the information you need to differentiate the Bounce Rate and the Notice Bounce Rate.


Let's take an example!

A visitor X comes two times on your website's homepage. Each time he leaves, but on his third attend, he finally consents. All of this within 30 minutes:

  • The Bounce Rate is 0% for the analytics platform: all pages were viewed in 30 minutes, which means only one session. 
  • The Notice Bounce Rate is 66%for the CMP: because 3 notices have been displayed with 2 "No Choice". 

👉The Notice Bounce Rate is related to the Consent Notice and the user's behavior. That's why the Notice Consent Rate is described as "event-based". Here, the behavior is the event.

👉The Bounce Rate only concerns the session, without taking into account the user behavior (or non-behavior) on the pages.  

  • This example is also explained in a short video:
HubSpot Video


  • To summarize the difference between Bounce Rate and Notice Bounce Rate:
Bounce Rate Notice Bounce Rate
Session-based metric Hit metric (event-based)
Dedicated to all visitors For users who have not given their consent yet