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Get your audit results

  1. Once the report has run, click on Compliance Reports.
  2. On the top left, click on VIEW REPORT next your website name to view the results.

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  • The report shows you a general compliance score and the main problems of your website concerning the management of personal data.

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  1. Click on WEBSITE to find out more about the cookies dropped on your website, the user’s consent for these cookies, the presence of a cookie policy, your personal data policy and the security of your website.
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  2. In order to know which cookies have a lifetime of more than 13 months, click on Cookie lifetime and you will get a list with the name of the cookie, its lifetime, the name of the domain it is attached to as well as the name of the vendor that dropped the cookie.
  3. If the cookie is dropped by a vendor, download the results of the report on Excel to know on which page the cookie was dropped. Once the report has been exported, click on the Vendors Cookies tab.
  4. Look at the Cookie URL column. 
  5. To delete the cookies that have a lifetime of more than 13 months, ask your vendor to reduce the lifetime of the cookie, or ask him how to delete it completely.
  6. In order to configure the lifetime of a Google cookie, 📰 here is the documentation.


  1. Click on VENDORS to find out more on all the companies placing tags on your website.
  2. Click on Tree to display the results.

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  • Thanks to the tree option you have a clear view of the vendors present on your website, like for example Google Analytics. They execute tags to get the necessary information needed to provide their services to you. In this case your business is connected directly by an arrow to this vendor. Sometimes third-party vendors are on your website because one other vendor on your website allows it. For example Google Analytics allows Google Statistic to put a tag on your website. In this situation your business is indirectly linked by an arrow to the third vendor passing by the vendors with whom you have a partnership. You can click on the name of the vendors and you get the number of cookies created by the vendor, understand who initiated the cookie and the tags linked to it.
  • The map vision works the same way, the more nodes are connected to other tags, the bigger the nodes are.


  1. Click on RECOMMENDATIONS to get a list of recommended actions that can improve the compliance of your website.  
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  2. The user will be able to access to the historical audit of his websites (last week, last month, or custom) by clicking on Last 7 days on the top.

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