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How to enable Cross-device from Didomi Console? (new flow)

The Didomi CMP supports syncing to allow consent sharing across devices and environments.

Consent can be shared between all environments that have syncing enabled in the same organization:

  • Multiple apps (same or multiple devices);
  • Multiple websites;
  • Apps together, etc.
  • This is a premium feature.

Enable Cross Device

  1. Go to your Didomi Console.
  2. On the left menu, click on Consent Notices.
  3. Click on + CREATE NOTICE. You can also edit an existing notice.
  4. Go to the Regulations step and then to the Consent Settings tab.
  5. Scroll down to the Cross-device Consent section.
  6. Click on Enable cross-device consent.
  7. Enter the timeout duration you wish.
  8. Remember to “save” and “publish” once the changes are made.

If you can't see this box, and assuming that the functionality is enabled for your account (you can check it in the Marketplace section from the left menu), it's still possible to setup the timeout in json (cf our developer documentation).

In all cases you will have to setup the frecuency, etc, from the json field.

⇒ If you would like more information about Cross device feature, do not hesitate to read our blog post and our developer documentation.