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Read and understand the compliance report's CSV export

The CSV export of a compliance report provides detailed information about the compliance status of a given website. The CSV export can be generated in the Didomi console. The Excel file will include all information for the report period.

Available exports


The vendors export provides more information on the vendors found on the website during a scanning session. 

  • Date - Date of the scan
  • Vendor - Vendor name as known in our database, empty if unknown
  • Page url - Page url where the vendor was discovered on your website
  • Request url - URL that triggered the vendor
  • Is Tag - yes/no depending if the vendor is considered a tag
  • Tag type - type of the file that was requested
    • if the request was mate to a javascript file it is considered a tag
    • otherwise the file type that was requested by the vendor is displayed
  • Initiator URL - URL of the initiator of the vendor
  • Vendor URL - URL of the vendor its self


  • Vendor - Name of the vendor that dropped the cookie
  • Page url - Page on which the cookie was dropped
  • Cookie domain - Domain of the cookie
  • Cookie name - Name of the cookie
  • Lifetime - lifetime in seconts of the cookie dropped, usually negative if it's a session cookie
  • sample - sample value of the cookie found
  • Party - 1st/3rd party depending who dropped the cookie