Set up Didomi CMP on Drupal

Install the Didomi CMP plugin to easily add a Didomi consent notice to your Drupal website without code.

📕 Adding Didomi CMP to your Drupal site is straightforward and requires no development skills. 

Follow these steps to add the CMP to your website!

✅ Pre requisites 

You need the two following Didomi parameters to properly configure the plugin and correctly deploy the Didomi notice on your website:

  • Organization Public API Key
  • Notice ID

If you don't know where to find these parameters in the Didomi console, consult this documentation.

✅ STEP 1: Install the Didomi CMP plugin for Drupal

  • Go to the “Extend” admin page then click on “+ Add new module”:

✅ STEP 2: Activate the Didomi CMP plugin

  • Navigate to the Extend admin page, search for Didomi CMP in the list of plugins, check the box then click on Install:

At this stage, the Didomi CMP plugin for Drupal is installed and activated on your website but no consent notice will show just yet.

✅ STEP 3 – Setup your Didomi notice

After installing and activating the Didomi CMP plugin (Steps 1 and 2) and retrieving the necessary parameters from Didomi (prerequisites), you can proceed to configure the plugin. 

  • Navigate to the Configuration admin page and click on the Didomi CMP menu item under System:

  • Enter your Didomi public organization API key and notice ID in the settings then click on Save configuration

The Didomi CMP notice will now be displayed on your website.