Set up Didomi CMP on Shopify

📕 Shopify is an e-commerce CMS platform in which you can easily integrate Didomi CMP following the steps below.

No development skills are required to add the CMP to your website! 

1- Add your notice tag on your Shopify website

  • Get your Didomi notice tag from Didomi console.
  • Log in to your Shopify account.
  • From Shopify admin, go to Online Store > Themes.
  • Click Actions > Edit code.

    • From the repository Layout, click on the file theme.liquid to open it in the code editor.  
    • Paste Didomi tag right after <head>

      • Save.

      ⚠️ You still have to block vendors that are not part of the IAB framework through your tag manager or a Didomi custom tag so that they only execute once consent is collected.

      2- Add a link to open the consent preferences

      To ensure that your visitors can change their consent preferences anytime, add a link to re-open the Didomi consent preferences pop-in on your website. The link can be in a menu, in the footer of your website or in your privacy policy.

      Check our 📰 technical documentation to set it up.