Set up the Didomi CMP on Inwink

Install the Didomi CMP plugin to easily add a Didomi consent notice to your Inwink website without code.

📕 Adding Didomi CMP to your WordPress site is straightforward and requires no development skills. 

Follow these steps to add the CMP to your website!

✅ Pre requisites 

You need the two following Didomi parameters to properly configure the plugin and correctly deploy the Didomi notice on your website:

  • Organization Public API Key
  • Notice ID

If you don't know where to find these parameters in the Didomi console, consult this documentation.

 ✅ Deploy the Didomi CMP in your Inwink website

  • From your Inwink back-office,
    • If you are configuring an event, navigate to WEBSITE > Webmaster > CMP / COOKIE BANNER.

      If you are configuring a root website, navigate to Webmaster > CMP / COOKIE BANNER.

  • Select Didomi and click on Configure.
  • Add the Organization Public API Key and the notice ID (prerequisite).
  • Save.

The Didomi CMP notice will now be displayed on your website.