Using Actito through Didomi Console

You must have an Actito account

You can integrate Didomi with Actito platform.

This integration offers you several possibilities:

  • Send the status of preferences and consents;
  • Centralize information or legal proofs;
  • Optimize digital revenues;
  • Reduce opt-out by offering granularity;
  • Have a healthier contact base for better conversion;
  • Communicate effectively to the right person at the right time.

👉Actito updates Didomi's preference center with channel-specific unsubscribe information.

At any time, the user can change his choice in the Preference Center. When a change occurs, the Preference Center sends the following information in real time for better targeting:

  • Expected frequency of targeting
  • Job Preferences
  • Preferred channels (optional)

How to integrate Actito?

To integrate Actito to your Didomi Console, please send the following elements to our support team;

  • API key of the account to connect to Actito's servers
  • ID of the Actito entity
  • Name of the Actito table, where profiles are stored
  • List of subscription properties to match between Didomi preferences and Actito

You can check our technical documentation to learn how to synchronize your Actito profiles and how to connect with Actito Transactional Email to send emails.