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Audit tool features for websites

đź“• The GDPR has an impact on how websites are managed for companies that are using user data.

It reinforces existing obligations. Among them, there is user consent that is freely given, specific, unambiguous and necessary for personal data collection, the proof of this consent and obligation to inform. 

The automatic audit tool for websites offered by Didomi will give you the possibility to check the compliance of your websites.

With this easy and convenient solution you will be able to have a general compliance report in a few clicks. Indeed, the Data Protection Officer (or any person entitled) can run a compliance audit for the websites he wants and check the results.

Once the audit is over, you will have information related to:

  • The Privacy Policy is not accessible from every page of the website. (warning)
  • No CMP was detected on the website. (⚠️alert)
  • The privacy policy does not seem to provide a way to opt out. (warning)
  • The consent notice doesn’t provide information about purposes and vendors. (⚠️alert)
  • Number of trackers that have lifetime longer than 13 months which is not recommended by GDPR. (warning)
  • Number of trackers that have been triggered by vendors from countries that are not GDPR adequate or without any privacy law. (warning)
  • Number of  vendors that have a very low trust index, they could compromise your reputation. (warning)
  • Number of vendors or initiators that are unknown to our database, review them to be sure they are legit. (warning)
  • A Cookie Policy wasn’t found. (waring)

You will also know if your privacy policy on personal data processing is complete and gives enough information about cookies and partners to users and if it is easy to find for them.