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Check the lifetime of your cookies

  1. Click on Details to know more about the cookies on your website.
  2. In order to know which cookies have a lifetime of more than 13 months, you have to check the table on the bottom of the trackers tab.
  3.  You can use the filter to select cookies that have a lifetime longer than 13 months.
  4. If you want more details about the initiator of this tracker you can click on its name. This will open a pop up window containing more details about that vendor.
  5. If the cookie is dropped by a vendor, download the results of the report to know on which page the cookie was dropped.
  6. Once the report has been exported, filter by 3rd party in the column "Party" look at the Page URL column. 
  7. To delete the cookies that have a lifetime of more than 13 months, you can either ask your vendor to reduce the lifetime of the cookie, or ask him how to delete it completely.
  8. To configure the lifetime of a Google cookie, here is 📰 the documentation.