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Behaviour of the CMP with Bots

⚙️ By default, (when the box "Bots" is not ticked on the console), we consider that the consent is already given for robots and all scripts are fired, as well as the consent events. The banner is not deployed and doesn't collect any consent from the robot. 

As long as the box is not ticked, the consent notice won't be deployed, and there won't be any storing of consent by the bot (negative consent = refusal). 

If you need to collect consent for bots:

  1. Go to your consent notice. 
  2. Go to the BEHAVIOR tab. 
  3. Check the bow in the BOTS section. By default, it is unchecked.
  4. Click on SAVE & PUBLISH in the top right of your screen in order to validate your choices. 

The banner will then be deployed for bots but it won't collect any consent: there will just be a consent notice with the consent string by default and no consent collected, but the bot won't be able to browse the website.

Screen Recording 2021-06-24 at PM