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Configure my banner so that a consent is collected when the user keeps navigating on the website (by clicking or scrolling)

⚙️ It can be disabled. But the European Data Protection Board considers that merely continuing to browse on a website cannot be considered as a valid consent, our default settings do not interpret scrolling or clicking on the website as a valid consent and only a click on the acknowledgment button will be taken into account. If your situation or country legislation allows you to change the settings to accept scrolling or clicking on the website as a consent, please send us with written instructions in this regard by email at support@didomi.com (object: browsing consent) and we will provide you with technical details on how to achieve this modification. 

📕 Indeed, according to the article 7 of the GDPR, the consent must be free, informed, clearly distinguishable and given in an intelligible way (clear and positive act) and in an easily accessible form.