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Create a category for your purposes

You can now create your own categories of purposes for your web or app notices. To do this, go to step 3 of the creation of your consent notice VENDORS & PURPOSES

  1. Click on +ADD CATEGORY. For instance if you want to add a "Personalised Ads" category:
  2. Click on + ADD CATEGORY.
  3. Add a name and a description.
  4. Hit the "SAVE CATEGORY" button.
  5. Translate the name of the enabled languages in the LOOK & FEEL step of your cookie consent notice creation.
  6. In order for the category to be displayed in the preferences view, add at least one purpose to it.
  7. To add a purpose, drag and drop it under the category that you want to link it to. The purposes you can drag and drop will appear in this section according to the vendors you have selected above.
  8. Once your category has been made, it will appear on the "preference view" of your consent notice. User will be able to accept all the purposes of the category in one click, and he can also make a more granular choice by accepting/refusing purpose by purpose.