Filters in the Analytics section

Filters allow you to look at subsets of metrics across various dimensions such as the platform, device, country, etc. Use filters to understand how a specific group of users behaves with respect to consent.

  1. Click on the Show Filters option at the top of any Analytics dashboard to display the list of filters:


The following filters are available in the Analytics section of the Didomi Console:


The aggregation filter defines the granularity of the metrics displayed on the dashboard. The following values are available:

  • Hour
  • Day
  • Week
  • Month
  • Quarter
  • Year

Time range

The time range defines what period is covered by the metrics displayed on the dashboard.

Platform, Device OS and Device Type

The platform filter allows you to isolate metrics between the different platforms supported by Didomi: Web (Desktop and Mobile), Mobile App, and AMP.

Each platform comes with specific filters for device OS (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, etc.) and device type (desktop, smartphone, tablet, etc.).


The country filter allows you to show metrics for a given country or a group of countries.

Domain / Mobile App ID

The domain / mobile app ID filter allows you to show metrics for a specific domain or mobile app ID.
The fully qualified domain or mobile app ID must be provided (ex: or Partial domains (* or app IDs (*) are not supported at the moment.



All charts and tables can be exported to Excel or CSV format for further processing. Click on the gear icon to display the exporting options: