Google Additional Consent Mode

Google's Additional Consent Mode allows collecting and passing consent information for Google's Ad Technology Providers that do not support the IAB TCF.


1- Configuration

A- Configure your Google account 

In your Google Ad Manager, AdSense, or AdMob account, configure the ad technology providers that you work with.

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B- Configure your Didomi account

In your Didomi Console, select the corresponding vendors with the Google flag for your consent notices:

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Additionally, make sure that the "Use a standard list of ATP vendors" checkbox is unchecked for the Additional Consent Integration in the Integrations section:

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Publish your consent notice after making those changes.


C- Validation

To validate the integration, go to your website and give consent. Open up the Developer Tools of your browser and go to the Network tab.

Identify ad requests to Google (usually starting with for GAM) and ensure that the addtl_consent query-string parameter is present with your selected Google ATP vendors:

Conversely, if you do not give consent, the addtl_consent query-string parameter should not be present in the ad request.

2- Limitations

A- Limit of 100 ATP vendors

To avoid generating ad requests that are too long and can potentially fail with a 413 error, Didomi will not pass more than 100 ATP vendors to Google ad requests.

You can select an unlimited number of ATP vendors in the Didomi Console and consent will be collected for them but only 100 ATP vendors will be passed to the ad requests and to Google.

B- Standard list of ATP vendors

We used to support a standard list of ATP vendors without allowing selection of specific vendors. This legacy mode is enabled by checking the "Use a standard list of ATP vendors" box in the Didomi Console.

We recommend disabling that option for new notices. For existing consent notices that have this option enabled, we recommend disabling it after configuring ATP vendors.

2- Frequently asked questions

  • Can users make granular choices for Google ATP vendors?

Yes! ATP vendors are displayed like any other vendor and users can make specific choices for them.

  • How is consent information stored for ATP vendors?

Consent and legitimate interest information for ATP vendors is stored in the regular didomi_token cookie. The information is encoded with a format similar to the TCF consent string format for space efficiency.

  • Can Google's Additional Consent Mode be used when the IAB TCF is disabled?

No! Google's AC mode is an extension to the IAB TCF and cannot be used if the TCF is not enabled.

  • Is Google's Consent Mode the same feature as Google's Additional Consent mode?
No! Google Consent Mode is a separate feature.