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Google Additional Consent mode on App

If you need to activate Google Additional Consent mode on mobile applications there are a few steps to follow :

  1.  Ensure that your SDK version is >= 1.21.0 on Android and >= 1.31.0 on iOS.
  2.  Edit your consent notice.
  3. Go to the BEHAVIOR step.
  4.  Insert the following code in the Custom JSON field by configuring it as "app.vendors.google" :

 Code to add

"app": {
"vendors": {
"google": {
"additionalConsent": {
"positive": "1~",
"negative": ""

Consent will be automatically transmitted to ATP vendors.

You can find these vendors consent through the addtl_consent variable and checking Google Ad Manager calls.


📰 You can find more detailed information in our technical documentation.