How do you perform?

🔎 Our general rule is that we need to minimize the impact of our presence on websites. Here are a few measures we have in place:

  •  We use a CDN (AWS CloudFront) and aggressively cache our SDK to make sure that it is distributed as fast as possible anywhere in the world with local points of presence.
  •  We minimize the number of HTTP requests that we send out to our servers. The initial load (the first time a user loads our SDK) usually takes two HTTP requests and following loads of the SDK do not require HTTP requests for consent management. We embed the geolocation of the user as well as any specific configuration for your websites into a website-specific version of our SDK to avoid extra round trips.
  •  We cache all the consent information in cookies locally to make sure that we can answer consent requests on the page immediately. That means that we do not delay loading your ad tags by loading data from our servers. 
  •  If you are a non-EU publisher, we stay out of the way for non-EU users as much as possible and immediately fire all the tags that we might be in charge of without any request to our servers. We load a specific version of our SDK that does not include all the UI components to be lighter in these cases: its only job is to fire all the tags as fast as possible. If you are open to doing a little more setup on your side, we can also avoid loading our SDK for non-EU users completely and have you setup GTM in a way that there won't be any delay/condition for non-EU users.
  •  Our SDK is deployed with the "async" attribute to ensure that it does not block your content.