My consent notice is not showing or is incorrect on my website

You have just created your consent notice and deployed the Didomi tag (from the Embed code section) to your website, but you cannot see your notice or see an incorrect notice on your website?

Double-check the following elements to make sure you have correctly configured your consent notice.

Ensure that the Embed Code is present on your website

  1. Using Chrome's Developer Tools (click right anywhere on the page, select Inspect and go in the Console section), make sure that the Didomi Embed Code is present on your website.
  2. You can check whether the JavaScript function Didomi.getConfig() exists on your website: 

  3. If you receive a JavaScript error, the Didomi SDK is not properly loaded on your website. Double check that the embed is correctly set on your website.
  4. Ensure that the remote configuration from the Console is correctly loaded. You can check whether a remote configuration is loaded by writing window.didomiRemoteConfig in the Console of Chrome's Developer Tools and press enter.

  5. If you see "undefined", it means that no configuration is coming from a remote endpoint. To fix this, please refer to the sections Target the right domain name and publish your notice of this document.

Target the right domain name

  1. Your consent notice should target the domain name of the website that it is deployed on, or target any domain name, to ensure that it gets displayed.
  2. Read our detailed article on the targeting of a consent notice.
  3. Ensure that no other notices have similar custom domains as it could potentially replace the notice you want to target.

Configure vendors

  1. Ensure that your consent notice is configured to collect consent for at least one vendor. If no vendor is configured, no consent is required and the consent notice will not show. You will need to add vendors at the VENDORS & PURPOSES step of your notice in the Didomi Console. If you have custom vendors, ensure that they are linked to some purposes. Consent cannot be collected for vendors that are not linked purposes.

Publish your notice

  1. Click on "PUBLISH" to publish your consent. This ensures that your notice configuration is published onto your website.

Similarly, every time you make modifications to your consent notice, make sure to publish them so that they appear on your website.

A local configuration overrides the remote configuration

Using your browser's Developer Tools, in the Console section write window.didomiConfig and press enter. If you see something different than undefined, this could potentially be the reason. Ask your developers to remove that JavaScript object from the source code. If there is one, ensure that it is voluntary.