PMP analytics dashboards

The key information to have in mind about the PMP dashboards.

🔎 Didomi collects events through the PMP SDKs deployed on your properties. These events provide aggregated analytics on Didomi's Console.

📊 The Analytics section is available from the left menu of the Console. The section provides a series of graphs and tables. You can also find a section dedicated to the PMP's dashboards. 


PMP SDK only: Please note, the following dashboards will only be populated if you're using the PMP SDK (web widgets).

Event-based analytics: all the metrics provided in this section are event-based, meaning if a user generates 10 preference choices, the 10 preference choices will be reflected in the analytics. Metrics won't be duplicated by users or any other variable.


Dashboard list

Data update frequency: PMP dashboards are updated on a daily basis. You'll be able to read this article to learn more about dashboard updates. 

  1. Authentication funnel analytics: Provides insights about the full preference selection funnel. This dashboard doesn’t provide insights about the preference selection, it only offers performance indicators about the users going down the funnel (from authentication to preference selection).
  2. Preference selection analytics: provides a view of the data collected in the preference choice events. 
    1. Purpose selection analytics: provides insights about the purpose selection.
    2. Preference selection analytics: provides insights about the preference selection.
  3. Preference selection reports: We provide two PMP analytics reports for the purpose selection and the preference selection.
    1. Purpose: provides access to the granular aggregated data of the purpose selection analytics.
    2. Preference: provides access to the granular aggregated data of the preference selection analytics.