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Recollect consent - New vendor/purpose

If you want to collect consent again/display the consent notice again to users after you added a new vendor/purpose, you can follow these steps:

✅ STEP 1

Add a new custom vendor

  • Go to the consent notice in "Consent Notices" (1)
  •  Then click on the "VENDORS & PURPOSES" step. (2
  • Click on "+ New vendor". (3)

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You can also add a vendor that is already present in our database and that is not IAB:

  • Go on your consent notice. 
  • Then to the "VENDORS & PURPOSES" step.
  • Select a vendor. 
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Add a new purpose

  • Go to "Data Manager". 
  • Then the "PURPOSES" tab.
  • Click on "+ ADD PURPOSE".

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  • Name your purpose, and describe it, then click on "SAVE".

  • Link your purpose to an existing vendor you already use.

✅ Step 2

  • Then go to the "Advanced" tab of the "BEHAVIOR" step of the consent noticed, put "0" in the "window for recollecting consent" box, as shown below :

  • Click on "SAVE & PUBLISH".

⚠️ For AMP format it is impossible to recollect consent since cookies are stored by Google.