Set up the absence of interaction of the user with the consent notice as a cookie denial

The non-interaction with the banner after x seconds can be set up as a refusal.

You can set this up as you wish thanks to a script that you can integrate to your website.

To do so, follow the steps below!

🕕 Choose the length of the absence of interaction with the consent notice

Decide how long you want to set the inactivity for, to count the latter as a cookie denial. 

In the script we're suggesting you, the inactivity is set to 5 seconds. 

⚙️ The banner will be displayed when the user access a website. Then, if the user has no interaction with the consent notice for 5 seconds (in this case), the user choice will be considered as a denial. 


✍️ Insert the script to set up the option

You have to insert the script below anywhere in your HTML. This script is a standard code that you can adapt depending on your situation.

The script works on all browsers. 


<script type="text/javascript">
// Choose a duration for your user inaction (in ms)
var timeout_value = 5000;
// Check if the notice is displayed
window.didomiEventListeners = window.didomiEventListeners || [];
event: 'notice.shown',
listener: function () {
// Check if the notice was displayed because we need to collect a consent
// Set your user consent status to false
// We also suggest that you display a message to tell your users you consider their inaction as a refusal of the notice
// Add your code here to inform your users
}, timeout_value);


You are totally free to change the inactivity length set to 5 seconds here (cf. code below)!

var timeout_value = 5000