TCF v2.2 implementation calendar

Enforcement of TCF v2.2 on the Didomi platform and your notices will take place progressively.

The following provides an overview of the deployment phases in place to ensure you will have time to test the changes in time for the November 20th deadline.

🗓️ PHASE 1: first iteration of the new version and voluntary migration

Dates: beginning of September through mid-October

Release contents:

  • What is included: all IAB requirements for Web SDK, Mobile SDKs (Android, iOS), and bridge SDKs (Flutter, React Native, and Unity) except:
    • Possibility to update one of the two illustrations (examples given) for purposes
  • What is NOT included:
    • AMP SDK
    • CTV and web-based CTV SDK

Migration: during this phase, you can migrate whenever you wish to do so, notice by notice.

Didomi will display different pop-ups approaching TCF v2.2 deadline. When accessing a notice in Phase I, you will see the following pop-up about the upcoming changes, giving you the possibility to activate TCF v2.2 immediately. Clicking on “Activate TCF v2.2 now” will automatically select version 2.2 in your notice configuration, but you will still have to follow the steps in the Migration Guide to finalize the migration. No changes will be applied to your production notice until you re-publish.

You can choose to close this pop-up instead of activating TCF v2.2 immediately. You can still carry out the switch when you are ready, directly from the Integrations section of your notice configuration in the Didomi console.

Once you migrate to TCF v2.2, it will not be possible to revert to the previous version.

🗓️ PHASE 2: new iteration and voluntary migration

Dates: mid-October through November 20th

Release contents:

What is included:

  • Possibility to update one of the two illustrations (examples given) for purposes
  • CTV and web-based CTV SDKs
  • Bug corrections, if any

Migration: During this phase, you can still migrate when you wish to, notice by notice (the same as Phase 1).

🗓️ PHASE 3: Post-deadline

Dates: After November 20th, 2023

Content of the release:

  • After November 20th, the TCF integration will be disabled for any customers who have not migrated to TCF V2.2. In such cases, the integration can be re-enabled via the Didomi console.
  • All Didomi customers using the IAB integration should migrate to TCF v2.2, as it will no longer be possible to collect consent using 2.1 after the November 20th deadline.
  • The IAB vendor list available in the Didomi console will be based on the Global Vendor List v3 for all customers (rather than v2). Customers who are not using the IAB integration but use IAB vendors will also have v3 information (new purposes, descriptions, etc.) starting from November 20th.
  • The getTCData function will be deprecated.