📕 A vendor is a third party, for example a subcontractor or partner, who collects user data on your site through tags and cookies, for example.

There are two types of vendors:

  • IAB vendors are part of the IAB Framework.

You can find them in this list:

You also have access to it in the Didomi interface in the “Vendors and Purposes” section when you create your Consent Notice:

For IAB vendors, it is not necessary to block them: the user's consent signal is sent to them automatically via the "Consent String".

  • Vendors not part of the IAB Framework (custom vendors).

For vendors not belonging to the Framework, it is imperative to condition the loading of their script on user consent.

📰 To do this, please refer to our technical documentation.

Please note that you can detect all partners present on your site (IAB vendors and non-IAB vendors) using our Compliance Report Tool available from the Didomi console.
To learn more about how to start your audit, click here.

Don't forget to add your partners to your Vendor list when you create your Consent Notice from the interface (Vendors & Purposes section) so that they are clearly present in your banner.

Click here to find out how to create your banner from the Didomi interface.

✍️ To summarize

  1. Run your Compliance report to have the list of partners present on your site.
  2. When you create your banner, add the partners detected in the audit.
  3. Block partners who are not part of the IAB.