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Versions & Proofs: Understand your export files

🗒️ Notice version configuration information

The Versions & Proofs module allows you to consult from the console and extract in JSON or CSV format the configuration of a particular notice version.

You will find here the detailed description of all information you can find in a notice configuration extract: 

config.app.name Organization name
config.app.logoUrl Company logo URL
config.app.vendors Object containing vendors added in the notice
config.app.vendors.iab.all All IAB vendors are included or not. 
config.app.vendors.iab.stacks IAB stacks. Cf. https://support.didomi.io/stacks-feature
config.app.vendors.iab.stacks.id Id of selected stacks
config.app.vendors.iab.stacks.auto Auto selection of stacks according to vendors/purposes selected
config.app.vendors.iab.enabled True if some IAB vendors are included.
config.app.vendors.iab.exclude List of excluded IAB vendors (from custom JSON)
config.app.vendors.iab.include List of included IAB vendors (from custom JSON)
config.app.vendors.iab.version TCF version
config.app.vendors.iab.restrictions Restrictions of purposes by vendor with the legal basis specification (see 📰 documentation)
config.app.vendors.iab.restrictions.id Restriction id
config.app.vendors.iab.restrictions.vendors Vendors for which there is a restriction
config.app.vendors.iab.restrictions.purposeId Id of purpose for which the restriction appplies
config.app.vendors.iab.restrictions Type of restriction
config.app.vendors.include Custom vendors ids list
config.app.privacyPolicyURL Privacy policy URL to be added in the notice
config.app.essentialPurposes Purposes required for the website to work properly (the customer cannot refuse them)
config.app.gdprAppliesGlobally Notice displayed globally (for EU customers) if true. Otherwise, notice displayed for EU visitors
config.app.gdprAppliesWhenUnknown If set to true, the user will see a consent notice when its country is unknown.
config.user.bots Object containing bots configuration
config.user.bots.consentRequired If you check this box, the notice will be displayed when a robot visits your website.
config.theme The object containing notice theme (see 📰 documentation)
config.theme.css Custom CSS for the theme
config.theme.font Font for the notice texts
config.theme.color Theme color (button and main color of the notice)
config.theme.linkColor Color of links
config.integrations.vendors Objects containing integrations information
config.integrations.vendors.google Google Ad manager integration configuration
config.integrations.vendors.google.enable Enable Google Ad Manager integration
config.integrations.vendors.google.refresh Option to refresh ads (done by Didomi or by customer)
config.integrations.vendors.google.eprivacy Display non-personalized ads before collecting consent or when consent is denied
config.integrations.vendors.google.passtargetingVariables Pass IAB consent string and GDPR status as targeting variables to creatives
config.integrations.vendors.salesforce Salesforce DMP integration configuration
config.integrations.vendors.salesforce.enable Enable Salesforce DMP integration
config.integrations.vendors.salesforce.namespace Namespace used in Salesforce DMP (if any)
config.integrations.vendors.refreshOnConsent Refresh the page when consent is given for Google Ad Manager integration (deprecated)
config.languages.default The default language for notice (see 📰  documentation)
config.languages.enabled Enabled languages for notice
config.notice.content.notice Message displayed in the first view per language. Empty when standard text from TCF is used.
config.notice.position Notice position in the website  (see 📰  documentation)
config.notice.closeOnClick Notice closes on click outside or not
config.notice.closeOnScroll Notice closes on scroll or not
Display purposes on notice first view. Always true for compliancy reasons except if purposes are indicated in custom standard text.
config.notice.closeOnScrollThreshold Scroll percentage for close on scroll option
config.notice.daysBeforeShowingAgain After how many days notice should be displayed again if new vendors are added (see 📰  documentation)
config.notice.closeOnScrollThresholdType Scroll threshold type (percent)
config.notice.closeOnClickNavigationDelay Delay in milliseconds to collect consent when a user navigates to another page of the website
config.preferences.content.text Message displayed in the preferences pop-in view per language, before the list of purposes
config.preferences.content.title Title displayed in the preferences views per language
config.preferences.content.textVendors Message displayed in the preferences views per language, before the list of vendors
config.preferences.content.categories Categories of purposes
config.preferences.content.categories.type Equal to "category", or equal to "purpose" for purposes not part of a category
config.preferences.content.categories.purposeId Id of the purpose
config.preferences.content.categories.id Category id
config.preferences.content.categories.name Name of the category (in all languages)
config.preferences.content.categories.children Purposes included in the category.
config.preferences.content.categories.expanded Expand category by default or keep it closed
config.preferences.content.categories.description Category description
config.preferences.content.showWhenConsentIsMissing With pop in format, display the full Preferences popup to the user instead of the notice
config.regulations.ccpa Notice configuration for regions under CCPA regulations. Can be configured via custom JSON only
config.regulations.ccpa.config.notice.content Message displayed in notice first view per language for regions under CCPA regulation
config.regulations.ccpa.config.preferences.content Message displayed in the preferences per language, before the list of purposes, for regions under CCPA regulations
config.regulations.ccpa.config.preferences.title Title displayed in the preferences view per language for regions under CCPA regulation
consent_duration Consent validity duration
consent_duration_unit Consent validity duration unit
country Country where your company is operating from
created_at Notice creation date
custom_json Custom JSON added to add options that are not supported by the console
default Notice by default for the account
denied_consent_duration Custom duration after which consent should be recollected when the user denies all purposes and vendors based on consent.
denied_consent_duration_custom Custom validity duration
denied_consent_duration_unit Custom validity duration unit
deployed_at Date of notice publication
deployed_by Id of the user who published the notice
deployed_by_name Name of the user who published the notice
deployed_by_type Type of user who published the notice (user, API...)
disagree_button_style "Disagree to all" button type
enable_ignore_consent_before Enable consent recollection after a particular date
full_atp Use of standard list of ATP vendors for Google Additional Consent mode integration
gcm_ads_default_status Allow advertising cookies before the user gives consent for Google Consent Mode
gcm_analytics_default_status Allow analytics cookies before the user gives consent for Google Consent Mode
gcm_data_layer_name Data layer name for Google Consent Mode
gcm_enabled Google consent mode integration enabled
gcm_set_default_status Set the default status of Google Consent Mode when the page load
id Notice version id
ignore_consent_before Date after which consent should be recollected
negative_action Type of negative action (button, link, none...)
If true, when the user clicks on "disagree and close" in the notice first view, only purposes and vendors based on the consent legal basis will be disabled while the ones based on legitimate interest will remain enabled
notice_id Notice id
organization_id Organization id
platform Notice environment (web, AMP, TV...)
If true, when the user clicks on "disagree and close" in the preferences view, only purposes and vendors based on the consent legal basis will be disabled while the ones based on legitimate interest will remain enabled
targets Domain(s) where notice will be deployed.
text_id Standard text id if any
text_mode Standard text status (always approved)
updated_at Notice update date
version Revision number used to lock a version when several persons work at the same time on notice.
tagManager.provider Tag manager selected

Understand your Proofs export file

  • format: CSV
date Date and time of the event.
id Unique ID of the event (consent)
type Type of event, for example: consent.given
timestamp Unique timestamp of the event
datetime Date & time of the event
namespace Event namespace (sdks for SDK events)
rate Sampling rate of the event.

The details of the source on which the consent was given.


Source type for the event. For example: sdk-web.


Domain name of the source. For example: www.webiste.fr


The unique key that identify the source.


Indicates the value true or false. True If the event is sent by the Navigator.sendBeacon() function, otherwise false.


A provider is the ID of the clients which distributes API keys itself.


Number of modifications made on this source.

user Includes several information regarding the user.
user.country Corresponds to the user's country code.
user.id Unique ID of the user.
user.id_type Type of user ID (UUID).
user.token The last consent choices of the user.
user.token.user_id Unique ID of the user.
user.token.created Date and time the token was created.
user.token.updated Date and time the token was updated.
user.token.vendors.enabled List of vendors the user enables the tracking.
user.token.vendors.disabled List of vendors the user does not enable the tracking.
user.token.purposes.enabled List of the purposes the user enables the tracking.
user.token.purposes.disabled List of the purposes the user does not enable the tracking.
user.agent Contains categories of information about the user's browser.
user.agent_info Contains information about the user's browser.
user.agent_info.os_family Operating system with which the user has given consent, e.g. Linux.
user.agent_info.os_version The user's version of operating system. 
user.agent_info.browser_family Browser with which the user has given his consent, e.g. Chrome.
user.agent_info.browser_version The user's version of browser.
user.regs Regulations according to the user location
user.region The user's State (if he's located in the US)
user.user_organization_id Unique organization user ID (usually equal to an ID on the customer side).
user.tcfv Version of the TCF.
TCF consent string generated by the user.
parameters This field includes several information: puposes (enabled and disabled), vendors (enabled and disabled), created, updated, from_euconsent, and action.
parameters.purposes Gathers several information related to the purpose.
parameters.purposes.enabled List of enabled purposes.
parameters.purposes.disabled List of disabled purposes.
parameters.purposes.vendors Gathers several information related to the vendors.
parameters.purposes.vendors.enabled List of enabled vendors.
parameters.purposes.vendors.disabled List of disabled vendors.
parameters.purposes.created Creation of the purpose.
parameters.purposes.updated Update of the purpose.
parameters.purposes.from_euconsent If user consent is created from IAB Token that was previously created in local storage/cookies (euconsent-v2) then it will be set to true, otherwise false
parameters.action Source of the consent: webview, click, navigate, scroll, external.
experiments Experiment ID
is_bot The event comes from a bot (or not)
datehour Date and time of the event
apikey Account Public API Key