Configure emails and your own template

Your notifications

As someone in charge of addressing privacy requests from end-users, you will receive timely email notifications from the Didomi Console. These notifications will alert you about important updates regarding privacy requests.

You can receive two types of email notifications:

  1. Privacy request created: You will receive an email notification whenever a new privacy request is created, either from a widget or through the API. This helps ensure that you are aware of incoming requests and can respond to them promptly.
  2. Privacy requests about to expire: You will receive a reminder email when one or several privacy requests are close to their expiration date (less than 10 days remaining).

To configure which team members receive these email notifications, visit the Settings page in the Privacy Requests module of the Didomi Console. Simply add or remove members as needed to keep your team informed and compliant.


Communicating with your end-users

During the processing of a privacy request, the Privacy Request module automatically sends emails to your end-users to notify them about the progress of the steps.

A set of default email templates are available and can be used to communicate with your end-users. Additionally, you can configure the HTML of these email templates to match your branding assets.

If you would like further information on how to configure these emails, please refer to our developers documentation.