Set up Google Limited Ads on your website

Google Limited Ads will give publishers the ability to serve ads in a limited way in the absence of consent for the use of cookies or other local identifiers.

Since Google joined the IAB TCF v2 in August, consent on purpose 1 and legitimate interest on purposes 2,7,9,10 are required to display ads.

With Google Limited Ads, you will be allowed to display ads when:

  • consent is not given for purpose 1
  • legitimate interest is available for purposes 2, 7, 9, 10

Set up Didomi when using Limited Ads

You have to select Google Advertising Products as an IAB vendor in your notice configuration:

  1. Browse to your notice configuration in the console.
  2. Go to the Vendor & Purposes section.
  3. Select our Google Advertising Products vendor.


Didomi Compliance Console et 8 pages de plus - Personnel – Microsoft_ Edge 2021-07-02 at 10.35.34 AM


⚠️ As Google has joined the IAB TCF back in August, and the grace period has come to an end, Google will now respect the cookie or ID consent signal contained in the TC string.

Change your gpt.js tag on your website

If you want to use Google Limited Ads, you will also have to change your gpt.js tag on your website.

For a standard Google Ad Manager integration, the URL used to load the gpt.js library will be the following one:

To be able to use Limited Ads, the URL used to load the gpt.js library will have to be modified as such:

This URL should only be used if you want to make use of the limited ads feature as this is a cookie-less domain. Using it without the limited ads feature may result in slowing down ad loading.