How to modify the legal basis of your purposes and remove legitimate interest?

IAB purposes are automatically associated with the vendors you select. Vendors may choose to use legitimate interest for their purposes. It is up to you to remove it, if you wish.

What is legitimate interest? 
This is a different legal basis from consent, allowing the automated processing of personal data, subject to a certain number of conditions: this processing must be legitimate, necessary and not prejudice the rights and interests of individuals.
This is a legal basis that is rarely used in France, except in special cases.

To know when legitimate interest applies under GDPR, please consult your legal department. 

If some of your purposes are based on legitimate interest (as below) and you want to remove it, you can follow this step by step.  Otherwise, you have the possibility to create a vendor (custom), in case the one provided does not suit you.

Screenshot 2023-03-08 at 10.01.37

For IAB and ATP (Google) vendors (Excluding Facebook)

  • Create a restriction to change the legal basis of a purpose

⚠️ Removing legitimate interest can impact your monetization.

The "IAB TCF PUBLISHERS Restrictions" section is available in the Vendors & Purposes tab of your notice above the purposes.

  1. Click on Edit Vendors & Purposes 
    edit vendors

2. Click on + ADD RESTRICTION.

1. By clicking on +ADD RESTRICTION, a new window appears.

2. Choose a purpose on which the legitimate interest is based 

3. Apply restrictions to some or all IAB partners.

4. Require legal basis for consent by selecting "Require consent" (Allow tracking only when consent is the legal basis chosen by vendors)

🎉 Click on SAVE. Your restriction is created!

⚠️ Do so for EACH of your purposes having legitimate interest as a legal basis.

In order to see the purposes, you need to click on "PREVIEW" at the top right of your notice. Then, go to the second view of your notice "Learn More."

For custom vendors

1. To edit the legal basis of your custom vendors, go to Data Manager on the left side (1).

2. Go to the VENDORS section (2).

3. Edit (3) the vendor of your choice.

Screenshot 2023-03-06 at 14-17-54-png

4. You have the possibility to choose the legal basis for the selected purposes: 

a. Select the personalized "Purposes based on consent". 

b. Select the personalized "Purposes based on legitimate interest".

Screenshot 2023-03-06 at 13-55-01-png

  • If you do not want to use legitimate interest, the "purposes based on legitimate interest" menu should be empty.
  • Click on "SAVE" once you have finished filling in the fields.

 Your purposes appear in the banner on the Preferences view.