What is the Smart Vendor List (SVL)?

The Didomi Compliance Report provides you with a full roster of active vendors on your site. You can then import these into a single list to be added to your notices.

The Smart Vendor List (SVL) is a tool that helps you to select the vendors you need to declare on your website.

More specifically, the SVL leverages data from your Didomi Compliance Report,  automatically selecting all detected vendors so they can be easily included in your consent notice configuration.

* Please note that this feature is currently available only inside a "Vendor List", which is a template that allows you to apply a single configuration to multiple notices. For more information on the Vendor List (formerly known as Mass update) please refer to this article.
* The Smart Vendor List is a premium feature. To enable it, please reach out to our Account Manager.


⚠️ SVL currently works only with IAB vendors. An expansion is coming soon.

How to access the SVL:

  1. Click “Consent Notices” in the left bar.
  2. Click “Manage Vendors Lists” in page header.
  3. Click “Create a Template” in page header (you can also edit and existing template).
  4. Click “Smart vendor list ” in the “Vendors” section (you may need to click “Save” before continuing).

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