Facettes migration

To ensure a seamless transition, we have developed a comprehensive migration and onboarding plan that includes step-by-step instructions and support resources.


This page was designed to help you during the migration from Facettes to Advanced Compliance Monitoring (ACM). You’ll find: 

  • Product overviews
  • Product comparison 
  • Upcoming features 
  • Getting started with ACM 
  • Training and support 
  • Frequently asked questions 

What is Advanced Compliance Monitoring?

The Advanced Compliance Monitoring (ACM) is a premium feature available inside the Didomi console that comes on top of the existing compliance report.

We aim to leverage the monitoring capabilities of ACM and enable users to understand and easily apply compliance throughout their website.

All the features of ACM come on top of everything that is available inside Didomi.

Is ACM the same as the standard compliance report? 

No! ACM will be available on the existing Compliance Reports tab of the Didomi console and is above and beyond the standard compliance reports. 

How does ACM compare to Facettes?

Advanced Compliance Monitoring (ACM) was purpose-built to deliver all of the core capabilities of Facettes, along with a variety of new features to improve your product experience and deliver additional value. ACM users will benefit from streamlined workflows across Didomi products, time-saving recommendations, greater control over scans, and improved security. 

For Didomi Consent Management Platform (CMP) users, you’ll gain the option to automatically sync vendors with your consent notices, saving countless hours of manual updating and greatly reducing the chance of compliance errors.

Side-by-Side Product Comparison 

KPIs ACM Facettes
Runs accept, refuse and no user action scenarios
Customisable frequency ✖️
Presenting compliance evolution over time
Qualification of unknown vendors
Compliance evaluation (scoring)
Vendor export
Cookie export
Possibility to assign vendor to tracker
Possibility to change purposes for trackers
Recommendations ✖️
Subdomain URL selector ✖️
API access ✅ 

All properties (websites) in one place ✖️
SVL direct integration with notice ✖️
SVL use of multiple properties (websites) ✖️
Custom purposes ✖️
Allows configuration of element to click on ✖️
Supports logged in environments
SSO in the console ✖️
ISO certified ✖️
Custom scenario ✅  ✖️
Self service vendor management ✖️
Self service scan configuration ✖️

Instant Reports

✅  ✖️
Scanning from different countries (using proxy) ✅  ✅ 

Upcoming features

The ACM tool is constantly evolving. Apart from the usual maintenance and care, below you can find a few of the features we are currently working on:

Weekly alerts - eta April 2024

We will send a weekly alert that contains a general overview of the compliance for all the properties. Users can be subscribed or unsubscribed to these alerts through the UI.

Custom scenarios in the UI  - eta May 2024

We plan on enabling the customisation of each scenario that runs. For example if before accepting trackers in the notice an extra interaction is needed this will be defined in the UI. Another example would be a different interaction than standard with the notice. If the refuse is on the second layer of the notice this will be configurable through the UI.

Tracker categorisation - eta June 2024

In order to better understand the finding on each website, trackers will be assigned a specific category. This will be viewable in the ACM trackers table and easily filtrable.

Getting Started with ACM 

Introduction to ACM features

How to configure a report 

What is the cmp vendor sync 

Training and Support 

We are also conducting 1:1 training sessions to ensure your migration process is as easy as possible. Please contact your Customer Success Manager to schedule this session or for any other questions you may have. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Will I still have access to Facettes? 

Yes. You will have access to both ACM and Facettes throughout the migration process.

How can I configure a new report?

The process on how to configure a new report is described here. How does the ACM report on?

One scan at a time inside the compliance reports section and an overview of all scans over a period of time throughout the analytics. 

What do we use for ACM analytics?

Multiple properties in ACM vs single property in Facettes.

What scenarios are running in ACM?

ACM's bot is running the accept, refuse and no user action scenarios. 

What are the options for the scanning frequency?

All our scans can be configured to run daily, weekly or monthly. On top of that you can request an on demand scan at any moment in time, the report for it will be generated in the following minutes. 

What is the vendors export aggregation format? 

- on all scenarios
- for one scan in the details section
- for a selected timeframe in the analytics

- for multiple properties at the same time 

What is the trackers export aggregation format?

- on all scenarios
- for one scan in the details section
- for a selected timeframe in the analytics

- for multiple properties at the same time 

How is Vendor matching done in ACM?

On custom, IAB and GATP vendors.

What are the available APIs?

Interacting with properties in order create/read/update/delete them.

What countries can ACM scan from?

  • France
  • Belgium
  • Germany
  • Great Britain
  • Spain
  • United States
  • Canada

What is the data availability in the console?

We store the collected data for 6 months.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us at support@didomi.io