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What are the main features of ACM?

Overview and details of key ACM features

Main features

Didomi Rating

The Rating goes from 0 to 4 stars and it is a custom way to evaluate the website from a Didomi perspective. This measurement will be calculated based on multiple factors such as:

  • number of trackers dropped despite refusal
  • number of vendors triggered despite refusal
  • presence of a CMP
  • presence of a privacy policy
  • using security protocols

Each of the elements will have its specific weight. The final score goes from 0 to 100 and will be represented as 0 to 4 stars.

Tracker list

A table and a CSV export containing the following information about each tracker is found inside the compliance report:

  1. Tracker Name = name of the tracker as found on the website
  2. Domain = domain of the tracker
  3. 1st/3rd party = if the tracker is triggered by 1st party or 3rd party
  4. Initiator = Name of the initiator of the tracker
  5. Vendor = Name of the vendor that dropped the tracker
  6. Type = type of the tracker (Cookie, web storage, pixel, etc)
  7. Lifetime = lifetime of the tracker in months
  8. User behaviour = Scenario in which the tracker was found
  9. Tracker value = Value of the tracker
  10. Type of request = Type of the request that dropped the tracker (http request, script)

The vendor item in the list is a clickable item that provides a summary of the details that can also be found in the vendor list.

Vendor List

In the Vendors section the user can find a table containing the following information about each vendor. Information is also found in the vendors CSV export:

  1. Vendor Name = name of the vendor as found on your website
  2. TCF Id = Id assigned to the vendor by TCF / custom vendor if the vendor does not belong to tcf
  3. Legal basis = TCF justification of the reason of the vendor’s purposes, where applicable
  4. Requests for Tags = The number of requests that the vendor has performed (note: it may be different from the number of tags since a tag can be requested multiple times)
  5. Vendor type = Type of the Vendor (IAB, GATP, Custom)
  6. in Ads.txt = yes, no depending of the presence in ads.txt


This is the list of recommendations that is available to the user inside the compliance report:

  • The Privacy Policy is not accessible from every page of the website. 
  • No CMP was detected on the website. 
  • The consent notice doesn’t provide a clear way to opt-out. 
  • The consent notice doesn’t provide information about purposes and vendors. 
  • Nr of trackers have lifetime longer than 13 months which is not recommended by GDPR.
  • Nr of vendors or initiator are unknown to our database, review them to be sure they are legit. 
  • Nr of trackers being dropped despite the user refusing consent
  • Nr of trackers being dropped despite the user not giving explicit consent (not interacting with the notice)
  • A Cookie Policy wasn’t found.
  • Number of domains not found in our database

Custom frequency

Users that have ACM enabled can select between daily, weekly and monthly scans for each of their properties.

Multi scenarios

While in the Compliance report only the “accept all” scenario runs, the ACM enables two new scenarios “refuse to all” and “no action”.

Custom scenario - via API

Via API we are enabling the possibility to customise the scenario that will run. This may be because the “refuse” button is on the second layer for example or the website might have extra steps needed before our bot starts scanning the webpage.

Custom user agent

For security reasons we enable the usage of a custom user agent that we will use when scanning a website. This will ease up the process of whitelisting our bot. 

Compliance monitoring Analytics

A set of metrics and dimensions regarding the overall compliance through time are available in the Analytics section. 

Scanning logged in environments

In order to make sure the website analysis is as in depth as possible the tool can be configured to perform a log-in before scanning a website. 

Access to extra features

Included in the ACM package we also have the CMP Vendor Sync feature. 

What is the CMP Vendor Sync?

The CMP Vendor Sync is a feature that creates a link between the Advanced Compliance Monitoring solution and the Didomi CMP. Vendor data is first collected from websites using the ACM, and is then used to create a vendor list for the CMP.

Using the CMP Vendor Sync

Use the data collected from the Compliance Reports and programmatically add vendors to a notice using the CMP Vendor Sync (CVS).