IAB TCF framework vs. No preset [NEW FLOW]

In the second step of the notice creation flow, you are asked to select a preset for your consent collection strategy. 

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The IAB TCF framework guarantees compliance with IAB TCF guidelines for GDPR, while the customizable framework gives you more flexibility. 

Here are the main differences between the two options:

  No preset IAB TCF framework
  Everything is customizable Some features are pre-configured to comply with IAB TCF
Regulation compatibility No restriction GDPR only
Vendor selection You can select any type of vendor (IAB or non-IAB).  You can select all IAB vendors at once. Vendors of your notice automatically take into account IAB updates. 
Publisher restrictions No difference
Group TCF purposes as stacks No difference
Standard texts Any text is allowed. You can also add an IAB-approved standard text and edit this as needed. 

Only standard texts approved by IAB are allowed. These texts cannot be edited. 

You can still submit your own standard texts for approval from the Didomi console. 

IAB integration Available but not selected by default Selected by default 


Apart from the above elements, the two options offer the same functionalities.


Learn more about IAB TCF integration: