TCF v2.2 FAQs

Please refer to the IAB FAQ for more information.

You can consult our TCF v2.2 documentation:

Didomi will regularly update our FAQ based on your feedback.


  • What happens if we are not ready for November 20th?
    • Didomi will not collect consent from your users anymore. Your vendors might not function as expected since consent is no longer being received, and you will lose ad revenue.
  • What implications might we face if we are unable to update our app with the new SDK or enforce this app update for our users by the 20th of November?
    • Same answer as the previous question.



  • How will the migration take place?
    • Before November 20th, you will be able to migrate whenever you wish. You will need to follow the steps described in the Migration Guide. After November 20th, the TCF integration will be disabled for any customers who have not migrated to TCF V2.2. In such cases, the integration can be re-enabled via the Didomi console.
  • What are the specific actions to be carried out in the different environments - Web / AMP / App / CTV?
    • There are no specific actions in terms of requirements and migration. All IAB guidelines apply to all Didomi SDKs. The migration process does not differ from one SDK to another. You can consult the TCF v2.2 implementation calendar here to check when each SDK will be ready.
    • On app, however, you need to upgrade your app versions to enable V2.2.
  • Is the embed code changing?
    • No.
  • Will there be any changes in my notice deployed in production during migration but before publication?
    • No. Once you enable TCF v2.2, changes are reflected only after publishing the notice.
  • I am not using the IAB integration but I am using some IAB vendors. How am I impacted by the migration?
    • You have nothing to do. You don't have to migrate to the TCF v2.2 as you are not using the integration. However, starting from November 20th, the IAB vendors you are using will be updated with new information from the IAB.
  •  Do the Android or iOS SDKs require version updates to support TCF v2.2?
    • Yes, you need to upgrade the Didomi mobile SDK as soon as possible to ensure TCF v2.2 compatibility.

3 key points:

  • No effect on current notices still using TCF v2.1.
  • The sooner you update your application, the better, since your end-users will have more time to update from their end in time for the November 20th deadline.
  • You can update your notice in the console as soon as you have validated your TCF v2.2 compatible vendor list.

If you are using webviews in your application, please ensure you are also using TCF v2.2 notices on web.

  • Is the SDK update a lot of work for our developers?
    • It is a little bit of work but it is generally a good thing to update the mobile SDK as, even more than being TCF 2.2 compliant on this update, it also corrects bugs and any UI issues from the previous versions.

Consent collection

  • Are consents collected using TCF 2.1 before November 20th still valid after migration to TCF 2.2?
    • Yes. However, make sure the vendors you work with are ready to support both versions when you migrate. After November 20th, they remain valid but it will not be possible anymore to collect new consent using v2.1. 
  • Should I re-collect consent when I migrate to TCF v2.2?
    • The IAB does not require consent re-collection, since consents collected using TCF v2.1 will remain valid and re-collecting could have a negative impact on the user experience (and therefore your consent rate). However, re-collecting can be a good practice to ensure you are not missing any consent. For example, as legitimate interest is removed for some purposes, some vendors will have only partial or no consent for these purposes (i.e., they previously had legitimate interest for these purposes, while consent is now required). Note that if you wish to re-collect, you will need to update the window for re-collection from the console.
  • Is there any change in the consent string format?
    • The only change is the policy version that goes from 2 to 4
  • If I already removed legitimate interest for the four purposes that no longer support it, are previously collected consents still valid?
    • Yes, since the removal of one legal basis does not affect consent for the other legal basis.
  • How can I know if a vendor is ready?
    • Didomi will be testing with the main vendors to confirm readiness. However, we recommend you reach out to your vendors directly to confirm they are ready to support TCF v2.2 before enabling the new version on your websites and apps.
  • If we deploy a 2.2 banner while some of our IAB vendors are not yet compliant with TCF 2.2, what happens?
    • Our notices can only support one version of the TCF at a time. Thus, if your notice has TCF v2.2 enabled and some of your vendors are not ready for 2.2, consent will not be collected for them. We recommend to make sure that all your important vendors are ready before migrating.  


  • Are the stacks changing as there is a new purpose?
    • Yes, some stacks are changing to include purpose 11. According to the policy, the following stacks now include purpose 11: 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 23, 24, 25, 26, 28, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 41, 42, 43.
  • Is there a way to add data categories similar to the IAB vendors?
    • At the moment you can’t add data categories for custom vendors as it’s only required for IAB standards and we do not yet offer the feature outside of the IAB.