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Understand Versions & Proofs feature


The multi-regulation approach is not yet supported by the Versions & Proofs module. You will only find the history of your GDPR parameters for now. 

This module is here to help you gathering proof of how consent was collected.

In other words, you will find in this section the history of your published notice configurations.  

For more info about notice creation and update from the console, please consult this documentation

🔎 Use cases:

  • Generate proofs in case of an audit: to demonstrate how the notice was configured on your website for a particular period.
  • Generate proofs in case of complaints: to show a user the vendors and purposes available in notice when he or she gave his or her consent. 
  • Troubleshoot notices issues: to investigate differences from one published version to another that could explain new issues you are facing (for example loss of revenues due to removal of a vendor).
  • Track published changes made on notices: follow up easily changes made on a notice checking the comments made at publication time. 

Access Versions & Proofs feature 

  • Go to your Didomi Console.
  • On the left menu, click the Versions & Proofs icon.


👉You are now on the Versions & Proofs page. There are two different tabs: NOTICES VERSIONS (for the Versions) and CONSENT PROOF REPORTS (for the Proofs). These two tabs offer different actions:


👉Find all notices that have been generated

👉Find all the proofs of consent




👉Several information related to them: 

  • Notice name
  • Version ID
  • Type
  • Publish date
  • Target
  • User
  • Vendors
  • Purposes

👉You can generate a report (a proof) by searching the consent by User ID or by Organization User ID.

👉You can filter these notices by:

  • Notice name or ID
  • Type of notice
  • User name
  • Publish date
  • Version ID
  • Target (domain or App ID)


You can download your notice version in two different formats: CSV and JSON. You can also download your proof file in CSV format.

If you would like further information about this export file, click here.