Customize the purposes for which you collect consent

For the list of items that the user can Agree/Disagree to (which we usually call purposes in GDPR), you can customize them.

  • The list that you see by default comes from the IAB GDPR framework (see If you’re not familiar with that framework, the idea is that most advertising/marketing vendors are part of it and declare the purposes that they need consent for and then your CMP (Didomi) is able to automatically collect consent for those purposes and share the consent information with the vendors that are part of the framework.

🎉 That puts you in compliance without having to integrate with every vendor manually.

As a result, you cannot really change the text for these IAB purposes (the text is defined by the IAB). The list of purposes that is displayed by default comes from the list of vendors that you give to our tags (see the "Configure vendors and purposes" section on 📰  our technical documentation.

You can see the full list of vendors that are part of the framework and get their IDs.

  • If you do not work with any of these vendors then you can simply provide an empty array to our tag and all the IAB purposes will be hidden (see the IAB vendors section of, you want to pass an empty array there).
  • You can also add your own custom GDPR purposes to the list, just keep in mind that they will not be mapped to IAB purposes and will not be shared with vendors embedded on your website. So, for any ad-related purpose, we strongly suggest that you stick with the IAB standard as that will make your life way easier.
    See 📰 out technical documentation for adding your own purposes.
  • We also do have other vendors pre-configured at Didomi so feel free to let us know who you are working with on your websites, and we can send a pre-configured tag.

⚠️ Keep in mind that, as part of GDPR, you need to delay data collection until consent has been collected (which is the whole point of us sharing consent information with vendors through the IAB framework).

  • You can block vendors that are not part of the IAB framework (or if you do not use the IAB IDs) through your tag manager or special Didomi tags on your website. See 📰 our technical documentation!