IAB TCF version 2 - Presentation and migration calendar

📆 Starting April 2020, the IAB Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) will transition to its version 2. Vendors, CMPs, and publishers/advertisers will update their websites and mobile apps to support this new version of the TCF in the coming months.

📕 This article summarizes the key elements of the version 2 of the IAB TCF and the migration calendar at Didomi.

Transparency and Consent Framework

📕 In 2018, the IAB Europe and the IAB Techlab released the first version of the TCF for standardizing how consent is collected and shared across the digital advertising industry. The TCF contains a list of purposes that all members of the industry agree on, a set of policies on how valid consent is to be collected by publishers/advertisers, and a standard format for encoding the user choices (the consent string) and sharing it between members of the industry.

In less than 2 years, the TCF has become the standard for running personalized ad campaigns, measurement, attribution, etc. in compliance with the GDPR. It has been adopted by all the major players and IAB-compliant CMPs like Didomi.

Incorporating feedback from European data protection authorities, consumer groups, and the ad tech industry, the IAB Europe and the IAB TechLab developed a new iteration of the TCF to provide more choices and information to end users.

The key additional features of the IAB TCF version 2 are:

✅ More granular purposes to offer more choices to end users.

✅ Flexible support for legitimate interest, allowing users to exercise their right to object more easily.

✅ Stacks / categories to group purposes.

✅ Control of allowed legal basis by publishers through publisher restrictions.

✅ Out-of-band legal basis for vendors.

✅ Improved CMP API for sharing consent between CMPs and vendors.

Read more about the benefits of the TCF 2 on the IAB Europe website.

TCF version 2 and the Didomi CMP

Over the years, Didomi has been a strong supporter of the IAB TCF and an active developer of the standard at the IAB Techlab and the IAB Europe. We will be supporting the IAB TCF v2 specifications, following the calendar issued by the IAB Europe (see below for the calendar).

🔎 Supporting the TCF version 2 at Didomi will bring changes to the Didomi Console (for managing categories of purposes and v2-specific features) and the Didomi SDKs.

The images and information presented below are examples of possible configurations with the Didomi CMP. They are subject to last-minute changes.


The Didomi Console will be updated to allow you to enable the TCF version 2 in consent notices:

Didomi Compliance Console et 12 pages de plus - Personnel – Microsoft_ Edge 2021-06-28 at 10.05.44 AM

It will also allow managing categories of purposes ("stacks" in the TCF version 2):

Didomi Compliance Console et 13 pages de plus - Personnel – Microsoft_ Edge 2021-06-28 at 10.06.44 AM


Read our migration guide for the Web SDK to learn more about configuring your consent notices for the TCF version 2.

SDKs & Consent notices

🔎 We are updating our consent notices to offer better information and choices to the user, and align with the new policies of the TCF version 2.

In notices, a complete list of purposes or categories will be displayed and kept up-to-date to ensure that the user is getting complete information at all times:

In the Preferences / Purposes section, users will now be able to give consent and exercise their right to object:

Users will be able to make similar choices for vendors, with the option to object to their data processing based on legitimate interest:

Vendors supporting the IAB TCF version 2

Most vendors that currently support the IAB TCF version 1 have committed to supporting the version 2 as well. While the IAB Europe has asked vendors to support the TCF version 2 by May 2020, it is likely that a lot of vendors will only release support at a later date.

One can check the TCF version 2 vendor list from the IAB for the complete list of vendors that are registered for that version.